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The Spellbreaker Saga

A journey down the dark paths of love to what is true.

Love to Fear

Book 1

Kendryk’s eight-year wait to court Maira is finally over. But when the revelation from an innocent night at the tavern rips him from his life as a farmer and places him in the center of forces vying to control the throne, everything he believes will be tested.

Black magic and evil spirits aren’t the only things to fear. Friends, strangers, and even love itself becomes suspect in this journey to the heart of reality.

Behind the Scenes

The Shard is a fantasy world with three nations, their peoples loosely based on medieval Anglo-Saxons, Arabians, and Chinese.

I want to have Love to Fear traditionally published, so I’m not sure when to expect its release. The earliest I can imagine is the beginning of 2018, though it could be later.

46 Chapters

75000 Words

252 Pages (6"x9")

Fear to Hope

Book 2

While I can’t reveal much, I can say I’m excited to spend a significant portion of the story on a ship! And exploring the woods of Myndan. Oh, the choices to come… Plenty of gut-deep heartache and sun-bright redemption.
Much like reality.

Hope to Live

Book 3

Many a journey culminates here. Possibly the most action-packed of the series, this book will see the many strands woven together into a beautiful tapestry of sadness and joy.

Live to Love

Book 4

Set some 20 years after the end of Hope to Live, this book will feature characters old and new, scarred and searching.
This is the story I’m most excited to write. Some of the rawest spots in my heart will see daylight: a son lost without his father.
A woman trying to forgive herself. And a world in its last throes before the end — this will be a worthy note to end the Spellbreaker Saga.

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