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Chance Gamble

This is my story.

Telling Beginnings

I’ve always been a storyteller. I remember being pulled aside in the fourth grade and told my story was a “4,” the top score, but I wouldn’t be allowed to read it. Why?
It was an account of my latest visit with my biological father. Real fear, real life, but too real for the classroom.

Humbling Setbacks

The next defining moment of my writing journey came my junior year of high school in the Laws of Life essay contest. I wrote about how my name became “Chance Gamble,” a journey of its own, and heard nothing but praise for weeks beforehand.
I won no recognition in the contest.

Promising Progress

By college I was placing in my university’s annual writing festival, winning first my senior year. I was also runner-up in Wycliffe Hall’s Fredrick Buechner Creative Writing contest during my semester at Oxford University.
My Greatest Influences


God changed my life.
I’m five years old when my parents divorce, but Mom tells me I’m singing praise music by three (badly, I’m sure). I’m baptized at six.
I find this beautiful because, from my first tastes of heartache, God was there. Not just in the ethereal sense of omnipresence, but inside my spirit. He comforted the little child who was confused by the two people he loved most, for their hearts were so different.
But I know we all have different stories, and that’s good. Joy comes from seeing God’s beauty in them.


“Love is the foundation of all restoration,” Salisbury Cathedral.

God’s love has flowed around me through His will and His children. My mother, step-father, and others remind me of God’s reality every day by living His love.


I’m no stranger to pain.
I’ve felt every emotion in the book. What abuse I haven’t experienced myself, I’ve shared with those who knew it firsthand.
I’m no stranger to pain, but I am not its prisoner. The good news is, after much counseling, I’m mostly sane.
The better news is that Christ understands. This theology soaks deeper into my heart through story.

“There is always going to be suffering. It’s how you look at your suffering, how you deal with it, that will define you.” – Scott Hamilton

My Writing


Every good story is a love story, though not all love stories are good.
I’m most concerned with truth, so my stories are adventures to find what is real.

Combined, this results in journeys to discover true love in family, friendship, romance, and God.


My hope is first to create good art. Christian fiction has acquired a stigma for poor craft, and as Madeleine L’Engle noted, “If it’s bad art, it’s bad religion, no matter how pious the subject.”

Second, I hope to share my own discoveries of light and truth through story. If a reader feels the slightest bit wiser, or humbler, or enlightened about God’s heart for them by book’s end, I have succeeded.

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