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The Houses of the Shard

And Other Novellas

Novella 1

The House of Stories has long sheltered original scrolls and the abandoned baby girls of Wyllan with its safety atop Saynue’s Fingers.

But when Li-Lei discovers an infant boy left at the forest’s edge, she learns his survival depends on her. There is a way to save the child’s life, but it will endanger her own.

Meanwhile, darkness approaches the Fingers. There are others who wish the infant’s death, for the orphan is not what he seems.



Pages (6"x9")

Behind the Scenes

This story began with my love for the Eastern Monk. There’s something intriguing to me about the man of orange cloth who punches for peace, so it was no surprise when a monk wandered into the first draft of my novel Love to Fear.

But as I delved into his backstory, drawing on Chinese culture, history, and my own imagination, I realized he could not exist in the world I’d made. So he became a she as Li-Lei was born. Uncovering her journey has filled me with the giddy energy of a child, and I can’t wait for you to experience her joys, sorrows, triumphs, and setbacks as we write to the light.

House of Stories is slated for free release in early 2017.

House of Philosophy

Novella 2

It’s the year 117 PA, and in the mountains of Myndan, a single priest stands between evil and the House of Philosophy.
As the nation’s moral compass, the House interprets the Seven Teachings of Saynue to define doctrine for Saynue’s Catechism. But the Catechism has grown large and fat, and where gold fails to persuade, steel is summoned.
A cord of three strands is not easily broken, but when the middle is cut, how long can the others remain?

House of Poetry

Novella 3

The first House of Saynue fell in the days of old, when the Awakening was fresh and control of the Shard remained uncertain. This is its story.

Shadow of the Hood

Novella 4

To join the Hooded, you must find them. But assassins do not wish to be found, which makes it all the more surprising when a child enters their lair and slaughters their guards.
To become Hooded, you must survive them. Missions that terrify average killers are only the beginning for the child who joined the Hooded.
To become the Hood, you must complete his challenges.
This is the story of a child who sought to become the Hood.

*All writing, until the ink is pressed onto pages rolling from the printer, is subject to change. While this is how I envision these stories, substantial change is possible. However, I promise to only make changes that improve their quality.

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