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Digital Escape Room: Inductive Reasoning and Rogerian Argument

Below is a basic overview of these concepts. When you are ready, enter your password and do your best to escape!


Inductive Reasoning

Inductive argument reaches probable conclusions through observation (particular to general), consistency (general to general), pattern (general to particular), and categorical (particular to particular) forms of inductive logic.

Rogerian Argument

Based on the work of psychologist Carl Rogers and popularized by Young, Becker, and Pike’s Rhetoric: Discovery and Change (1970), Rogerian argument is most notable for how it requires listening. It uses strategies like finding a middle ground, demonstrating a thorough awareness of opposing audiences and their perspectives, acknowledging valid contexts for opposing points of view, and reaching a nuanced conclusion to create persuasive compromises.


Inductive logic based on observation moves from specific phenomena to a general conclusion(s).
Ex: There are shreds of toilet paper all over your floor. Your dog is hiding beneath the bed with its head down, tail tucked between its legs, and white flecks stuck to its lips. You conclude your dog made the mess.


Induction through consistency uses a general set of observational patterns to make a general conclusion(s) that extends those patterns.
Ex: Your homemade dog treats have been enjoyed by all the dogs you’ve given them to, so new dogs you meet should like them too.


Inductive logic utilizes patterns in complex and overlapping ways, but the mode I call “pattern” moves from general knowledge to a specific conclusion(s).
Ex: Your dog has acted out every time you left it home alone, so it will probably act out if you leave it home alone again tonight.
Ex: Dogs like being petted, so my friend’s new dog should enjoy being petted.


I call inductive logic “categorical” that uses a particular observation about something’s efficacy in one situation to conclude it will hold true in another situation.
Ex: Your dog treats make Fido calm down and behave at home, so they should do the same at the dog park.